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The vital importance and holiness of health constitute the initial value of our service journey, while satisfaction of patients and their relatives constitute the result value.

Our aim:

  • To continuously improve our Service Standards based on Patient Safety and Satisfaction and to ensure improvement in our diagnosis and treatment methods in parallel with our scientific research and developments in the world,

  • To ensure that our staff approaches patients and their relatives deliberatively, sensitively and helpfully with the continuous effective trainings we provide,

  • To make sure that patients and their relatives feel themselves valuable by providing them services in a safe, comfortable, peaceful and hygienic environment,

  • To make patients and their relatives contribute to healthy life phases by providing them necessary information and trainings,

  • To implement a continuous improvement in the light of the analyses we obtain from our feedback evaluation system.

The issues that our "Patient Satisfaction Management System" policy are based on are as follows:

  • Improve ISO 10002 Patient complaints Management System continuously,

  • Open communication channels where patients and their relatives can deliver feedbacks easily,

  • Conduct studies to evaluate and analyze any kind of feedback and solve them with respect to institutional and operational conditions,

  • Manage our processes according to legal regulations and related standards,

  • Consider the sensitivity of patients and their relatives in the solutions of patient feedback,

  • Inform patients and their relatives regarding the complaint solution process.


    If we fail to meet your expectations, we invite you to share your concerns/feedbacks regarding treatment, patient safety and quality of care. You may voice concerns by:

    · Speaking to any Patient Experience Department employee +90 5548711007

    · Sending a message to info@medicalparkizmir.com

    · Sending message via our social media plaforms

    You will be contacted by the Patient Experience Department to acknowledge receipt of your complaint. The information will be reviewed internally, and a written response will be sent to you within a reasonable timeframe. The letter will have the name of the contact person for any further correspondence and communication, and that individual will provide a response with the resolution upon completion of the review.

    You also have the right to contact:

    The Joint Commission International
    Email: complaint@jointcommission.org




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