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Infectious Diseases & Clinic Microbiology

Department of infection diseases are taking care of diseases that are caused by bacteria or viruses at any organ or region of our body.
A wide range of diseases from flu to meningitides, from urinary tract infections to hepatitis and to the diarrhoeas, food poisonings and parasitic diseases are in interest of infection diseases. Also, discrimination and evaluation of patients with fever in non-infectious origin and guidance them to the related departments are business of infection diseases unit.
Infection Diseases unit also performs necessary applications for the control, monitorization and minimalizing of hospital infections; educates patients, accompanies and related personnel. Conscious, appropriate and effective usage of antibiotics takes an important place at the infection control applications.
Microbiology Laboratory supports diagnosis and treatment practices of infection diseases and other departments with culture – antibiogram tests, bacteria identification, serological tests, hepatitis tests, parasite analysis, painted – unpainted direct evaluations of any kind. By auditing their own practice with internal and external quality controls it produces reliable results.
• Diagnosis, examinations and treatment of inflammatory diseases
• Hepatitis
• Brucellosis (cheese disease)
• Diarrhea (bacterial-viral)
• Meningitis
• Vaccination
• Organ transplant infections

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