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Family Practice

Specialist of family medicine is the physician who knows your and family members' health status, is available anytime you wish and who takes responsibility for all your health requirements and functions as coordinator. "Family Medicine" which is widely in practice in many developed countries took its place in our country at the past 15 years.
Specialisation education for Family Medicine covers branches of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics being more weighted and General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Psychiatry for a 3 years period after graduation.
Family Physician is responsible for the heath of all family members from the fetus in utero to the oldest of family. Family physician takes duty of coordinating for problems that exceed fist step health service by guiding the patient for other specialist physicians and experts such as dentist and dietician. Thus family physician is a person who is health advisor and guide for the patients and the person who defends their rights.

What is the Purpose of Family Medicine?

• Providing earlier diagnosis and treatment,
• Approaching to the diseases and health issues by considering physical, mental and social factors,
• Performing the first-line evaluation for the issues related to health,
• Providing continuous care and treatment of chronic and relapsing diseases,
• By being in touch with the patients for long periods, collecting information about diseases,
• Providing first-line health service to the public,
• Improving the health quality and health status of individuals.
• Monitoring of acute and chronic diseases
• Regular medical screenings
• Coordination of specific treatment, counseling and emergency services
• Early diagnosis and treatment processes

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Family Practice

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