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At Dermatology Department, besides services related to diagnosis and treatment of all skin diseases, medical and dermatologic surgery interventions are also performed with high quality. Dermatology teams founded at all of our hospitals are getting quite successful results for the early diagnosis and treatment of Skin Cancers in particular.
Important diseases after cancers such as fungus, acne treatment and follow up, allergic eczemas, nevus follow up are in expertise field of our departments.

Our Services


-Fungal diseases
-Hair and nail disorders
-Venereal diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea
-Skin cancers
-Birth spots
-Hair loss
-Drug allergies
-Puberty acnes
-Genetically transmitted skin diseases
-Healthy skin care


-Treatment of Acne and Seborrhea

Treatment of anointment, dandruff and acnes of skin

-Treatment of Hair Diseases and Hypertrichosis
-Evaluation of the reasons of hair loss and treatment
-Treatment of male type hair loss
-Treatment of hair, fungal diseases and palate
-Evaluation of the reasons of hypertrichosis
-Laser epilation

Treatment of fungal diseases of skin

-Diagnosis, treatment informing the patient about the protective precautions of body, pubis and foot fungus

Treatment of Nail Diseases

-Treatment of fungal diseases of nails, cracks and nails thickness, nail prickles and other nail diseases.

Treatment of Allergic Skin Diseases

-Treatment of urticaria and evaluation of reasons
-Treatment of drug eruptions
-Treatment of bug stings
-Treatment of "atopic eczema" in babies and children
-Treatment of contact allergies (contact dermatitis)
-Treatment of cosmetic allergies
-Treatment of solar allergy
-Treatment of diseases of inside of the mouth
-Treatment of Behçet disease, aphtha, tongue fungus and other diseases

Treatment of parasitic diseases of skin

-Treatment of headlouse, body louse and scabies

Treatment of Venereal Diseases

-Treatment of all venereal diseases

Treatment of syphilis's

-Treatment of warts and herpes of genital region

Treatment of Skin Cancers

-Informing the patient about skin cancers
-Diagnosis and treatment of melanoma

Treatment of Other Skin Diseases

-Treatment of psoriasis
-Treatment of pregnancy and childhood skin diseases
-Treatment of the bullous diseases of skin
-Treatment of abscess or other inflammatory diseases of skin
-Treatment of viral rashes of skin (scarlet fever, measles, rubella, varicella, zonae disease etc.)

Skin Surgery

Biopsy taking and taking out the early stage skin tumors
Taking out the nevus and moles
Freezing therapy (cryotherapy), burning (electrocoterization) and laser therapies of warts, moles and molluscum
Surgical treatment of nail problems
Treatment of Excessive Sweating
Reducing excessive sweating with medications
Botox application
Cosmetic Dermatology
Treatment of skin problems caused by cosmetic products
Cosmetic product advisory
Chemical peeling applications
-Jessner peeling
-TCA peeling
-Glycolic acid peeling
-AFA peeling
-Amelan® peeling

Treatment of skin spots

Botilinum toxin (Botox ®, Dysport ®) applications

-Treatment of wrinkles
-Treatment of Excessive Sweating
-Treatment of wrinkles with filling substances

Dermatologic Laser Applications

-Laser epilation
-Laser Peeling
-Non-ablative (without peeling) skin rejuvenescence
-Treatment of capillaries with laser
-Laser treatment of vessel rashes
-Laser treatment of keloid, hypertrophic scars
-Laser treatment of acne spots
-Laser treatment of acnes
-Laser treatment of warts
-Tatooage treatment with laser
-Laser treatment of skin spots
LGG and mesotherapy for regional slimming and forming; LPG, mesotherapy and laser combined usage for the more effective treatment of face wrinkles and sags.
• Varicose veins, vitiligo and chronic urticaria (hives)
• Excessive sweating and treatment
• Acne, warts, cellulitis, psoriasis, rosacea, shingles (skin eruption) disease
• Hair loss and treatment, callus treatment, itching
• Inflammation of hair follicles (folliculitis) , hirsutism (excessive hair growth)
• Pregnancy spots (melasma) , eczema, skin cracks, vascular birthmarks
• Sexually transmitted diseases
• Treatment of excessive lipoidosis of skin
• Freckles, sun spots and sunburn, and some other brown spots
• Moles (nevi) , pediatric skin diseases
• Mycotic infections (fungi) , skin, scar treatment
• Hair and scalp disorders
• Age-related changes in hair and nails
• All nail diseases and disorders
• Insect bites, drug-induced skin rashes
• Allergic skin rash
• Treatment of atrophic scarsdeveloping after acne and hypertrophic dermal lesions

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Dermatological Diseases, Allergies, Cosmetic Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery, Hair Transplantation, Nail Surgery.


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Hair, skin and nail diseases, Dermatological Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology, Allergic Skin Diseases, Pediatric Derma...


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