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Center For Reproductive Medicine And Infertility

Center For Reproductive Medicine And Infertility
We are able to achieve great success rates thanks to the advanced technical hardware and knowledge that is similar to the ones at major centers around the world and put to use at our In Vitro fertilization Centers. In the genetic Diagnosis Laboratory, which is part of the Medical Park İzmir Hospital, applications regarding the most advanced reproduction and pregnancy are carried out with success.
At our IVF center there are separate operating rooms, as well as andrology and embryology laboratories. The success rate of our centers is above the success rates reported by reputable clinics in Europe, and equal to those in the USA. 15% of patients are from abroad.

Genetic Diagnosis Center

Genetic Diseases Diagnosis and Treatment Center, part of Medical Park İzmir Hospital is one of the few world scale laboratories in possession of the latest technology both in terms of its infrastructure and hardware. The fact that the center is managed by an experienced team, who emphasize reliability and external quality controls with regards to their applications, differentiates this center from others.

Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis

The primary purpose of prenatal diagnosis, where genetic diseases are concerned, is to identify the genetic diseases and malformations in the early stages of pregnancy and on the basis of the decision to be reached by the family to either end the pregnancy within the legal period or to treat anything that can be treatable. The basic philosophy of prenatal diagnosis is not to end pregnancies involving a fetus with severe deformity but rather to offer couples – who are in a high risk group with regards to having babies with untreatable ailments that would result in severe mental and physical defects, which would lead to restricted lives – the chance of giving birth to a healthy baby.
In the embryos obtained by means of in vitro fertilization genetic analysis is conducted by utilizing pre-implantation genetic diagnosis method. By means of this method, the numerical and structural chromosomal anomalies in the embryos can be identified so that healthy embryos may be selected to provide the couples who are genetically in a high risk group with the chance of problem free pregnancies and healthy births.
Prenatal diagnosis can be performed by utilizing invasive and non-invasive tests. While the non-invasive tests (USG and biochemical scanning tests) are applied to all pregnant women, invasive methods (amniocentesis, chorionic villus aspiration and umbilical cord blood sampling) are applied in pregnancies with higher risk.

Postnatal Genetic Diagnosis

Peripheral blood and tissue samples are used for Postnatal diagnosis. Chromosomes obtained from these samples are evaluated numerically and structurally. The results are obtained in approximately 15 days.

Postnatal Genetic Diagnosis Indications

Repeated IVF failures
Couples that will start IVF application

Genetic Counseling

Involves the communication process oriented to the diagnosis and occurrence probability of a genetic disease in the family or extended family. Marriage between relatives, previous pregnancies resulting in anomalies, pregnancies of advanced age, and previous miscarriages require counseling.
• Clinical management and treatment of infertility patients.
• Various imaging modalities for infertility diagnosis including MRI, Digital Histerosalphingograpy, 4D
• Hormonal and genetic analysis
• Male infertility work up including sperm analysis in detail, hormonal profile, urology consultation
• Intrauterine insemination (homolog) with different techniques including, swim up, gradient and microfluidic nanotechnology
• IVF – ICSI (Microinjection)
• Laser asssisted hatching for embryos
• Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
• Embryoscope incubator (for embryo time lapse monitoring)
• Calcium ionophore oocyte activation for fertilization failure patients
• Sperm mobile application for immotile sperm
• Micro TESE procedure
• PICSI ( Sperm selection with hyaluronan macromolecule for ICSI, for recurrent IVF
• failure)

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Center For Reproductive Medicine And Infertility

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