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• Pure Tone Audiometry

• Speech Audiometry
• Conditioned Play Audiometry
• Free Field Audiometry
• Acoustic Immittance Audiometry/ Tympanometry
• Newborn Hearing Screening
• Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAE & TEOAE)
• Brainstem Auditory Evoked Responses (ABR / BERA)
• Evaluation of the Cause of Tinnitus
• Control And Monitoring of Hearing Aid
• P300 Responses
• Cochlear Implant*

*What is Cochlear Implant?

Cochlear Implant is applied under specific criteria for patients,
who have severe-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss and
do not benefit from hearing aids. Cochlear implant consists of an
internal and external component. Incoming sounds are converted to
electrical currents and directed to a number of contact points on the
internal wire. This operation creates an electrical field, which directly
stimulates the auditory nerve, thus hearing is achieved through
the implant.

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