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International Patient Services Unit

The main goal of Izmir Medical Parkis to offer "quality health care service" for those who need. Communication and transportation opportunities have developed rapidly in recent years. As a result, people started benefiting from different health care service alternatives around the world instead of confining themselves only with locally available services.

Within the 3 years since its foundation, more than 12 thousand patients from 77 different countries have visited our hospital and received health care services. They have told the quality of the services of Izmir Medical Park at different places they have visited, and thus, conduced the Hospital to receive new patients.

Not only the quality of the health care services but also physical and logistic factors affect the decision of a patient to apply a different country for medical treatment. Communicative language, accommodation conditions, eating habits, religious beliefs and perceptions should be taken in consideration for convenience of the patient and patient's relative (s).

Izmir Medical Park is one of the leading hospitals in Turkey regarding the number of foreign patients it receives. We owe that success to effective process management, because we carefully plan all processes for our patients including transportation to Turkey and the hospital, medical services, accommodation, and transportation back to their home country. A team of experts in their field acts in collaboration with the patient (s) and takes a close interest in every detail. Hence,
patient and patient's relative (s) can easily carry out the time-consuming and tedious processes.

Izmir Medical Park with the International Patient Services Unit composing of the experienced professionals in their field offers services that can meet the demand that may arise from all over the world.